A verb expresses an action or what is or seems to be. Every sentence must have a verb.

  • The lion roared loudly
  • Seema is a wonderful cook.
  • Sam read two books last week.
  • Shania exercises every day.
  • Those apples look delicious.
A verb sometimes expresses an action that cannot be seen or heard.
  • Susan guessed the answer.
  • Eric often dreams of traveling.
  • miss my sister.
  • Everyone on the team wished for a home run.
  • Mr. Waltz thought about the problem.
An action verb expresses a physical or mental action.
  • My dad never judges other people.
  • We swim in the lake each summer.
  • The committee considered the plan with care.
  • These birds fly south in the winter.
  • The weather bureau predicts rain for tomorrow.
A linking verb expresses what is or what seems to be. It links the subject of the sentence with a word that describes it.
Be is the most common linking verb. Forms of be are am, is, are, was, and we’re.
Other common linking verbs: act, appear, become, feel, grow, look, remain, seem, smell, sound, stay, taste.
  • Sadat is our friend. (Our friend describes the subject, Sadat)
  • Ram always looks happy. (Happy describes how Ram looks.)
  • Sarah is a fine actress.
  • The cauliflower tastes yummy.
  • Linda appears sad.